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Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Bucket List

As you've read, I've always been very future oriented and make a lot of goals for myself. I've had a bucket list swimming around in my head for the past few years, but I've never written it down until today. It was liberating and really exciting to see all of these goals laid out. I had a little help with a few other blogger's lists and then happily formed my own. I'm definitely not finished, as I don't think that a "bucket list" should ever be confined to a number! As soon as I cross something off of my list, I'm going to add something new! So, here is my bucket list!


Work at a record store
Have the opportunity to go on tour
Work/volunteer at South By Southwest
Tour on Warped Tour all summer
Work at a music venue
Own my own music venue
Graduate from Toni&Guy Academy
Become a Technical Creative Director for Toni&Guy
Have a double bachelor's degree in both philosophy and film
Graduate from the University of North Texas
Create a documentary
Have an interesting blog with 1,000 followers
Register my own domain name for my blog
Write a book
Be on a reality show
Become a suicide girl

Experiences, Travel and Living

Live in Europe for six months to a year (ideally with my fiance)
Visit Amsterdam, Netherlands
- Anne Frank House
-Red Light District
visit Athens, Greece
-the Parthenon
-Agora of Athens
-Temple of Hephaestus
-Temple of Olympian Zeus 
Visit London, England
-Abbey Road
-Westminster Abbey
-Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
-British Museum
-Buckingham Palace
-St. Paul's Cathedral
-Tower of London
Visit Vienna, Austria
Visit Paris, France
-the Louvre
-the Eiffel Tower
-Notre Dame
-Disneyland Paris
Visit Rome, Italy
-The Colosseum 
-The Pantheon
-Roman Forum
-Trevi Fountain 
Visit Venice, Italy
-ride on a gondola through Venice
Visit Germany
- Concentration Camps
Step foot on all seven continents
See The Pyramids of Egypt
See The Great Wall of China
Experience Las Vegas, Nevada (2012)
Experience Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Louisiana
Experience South By Southwest in Austin, Texas (2012)
Experience Bamboozle in New Jersey
Experience Coachella in Riverside, California
Experience Lollapalooza in Chicago, Illinois
Visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Florida
Visit Disneyland in Anaheim, California
Visit San Francisco, California
Visit Los Angeles, California
Visit The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio
Visit New York
-Times Square
-Ellis Island
-Central Park
-Statue of Liberty
-Coney Island
-Brooklyn Bridge
-Empire State Building
Visit Washington D.C.
Live in Dallas, Texas (2011)
Live in Austin, Texas
Live in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Ride on an airplane
Ride on a train
Ride in a taxi (2009)
Ride on the subway
Ride a horse
Ride in a hot air balloon
Go on a cruise
Learn how to drive a car and get license (2012)
Learn how to snow board
Learn how to surf
see Silverstein perform live in Burlington, Ontario
see Fall Out Boy perform live in Chicago, Illinois (2006)


Have my first kiss (2009)
Have my first boyfriend (2011)
Lose my virginity (2010)
Go on the perfect date that involves museums and italian food
Kiss in the rain
Have my own split-level loft
Adopt a French Bulldog
Adopt an English Bulldog
Meet my soulmate
Fall in love completely
Get married
Get married in Las Vegas
Own my own dream house
Decorate my dream house
Have my own family
Have two biological children (preferably two sons)
Adopt a child (preferably a daughter)
Have a big immediate family Christmas in Colorado


Achieve my ideal weight
Get rhinoplasty
Get my nipples pierced (2009)
Get a tattoo! (2008)
Have a finished left tattoo sleeve
Have had platinum hair
Have had pastel pink hair
Have had dreads
Have had blunt straight across bangs (2012)


Become a vegetarian
Become a vegan
Donate to a charity
Camp on the beach
Have a bonfire on the beach
Smoke marijuana for the first time (2007)
Trip on acid for the first time
Paint a self portrait on canvas
Have a threesome
Send a message in a bottle
Have a song written about me
See a musical on Broadway
Dance in the rain
Get a massage

I think everyone should make a bucket list before they die and try their very hardest to cross off every item on the list... no matter how impossible they may seem! I personally found this website to be thoroughly helpful! SO, If you're reading this blog, please make your own list of goals and follow all of your dreams!!

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