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About Me

"I'm not a self help book, I'm just a fucked up kid"

Who I am:
I'm a twenty-two year old female from Dallas, Texas. I'm a optimist, idealist, hopeless romantic, dreamer, music appreciator, lover of travel, tattoo enthusiast and extremely opinionated. I'm on my own personal journey to find my own happiness in this unpredictable world. I'll be continuing to evolve into the person that I've always wanted to be and who I'm supposed to be.

Who I will be:
A strong, independent, confident and intellectual woman. I will eventually be a hair dresser, documentarist and also somehow involved in the music industry.

What I like:
music, my family, tattoos, my friends, Texas, red lipstick, documentaries, ray-ban sunglasses, skeleton keys, asses, black/white, the pin-up culture, white teeth, ikea, beards, doc martens, children, clothes, shopping, urban outfitters, decorating, psychology... and a lot more that I can't think of right now!

I'm always looking for new friends and interesting conversations! So, if you like what I write and you want someone to talk to... don't hesitate to strike up a conversation!