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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"Suburbia stop pushing... I know what I'm doing"

I am constantly on the go now... and it's not going to really slow for about another year. I have some really important and big news to tell everyone, and I figured I would write it in my blog before anywhere else. I've only really told a couple of people about it, since it's kind of making me super anxious for next year... but,


I randomly received a call the other day from them letting me know that they would allow me to use my one year anniversary, for being with the company, discount in January! I gladly accepted and yesterday went in and took my entry exams, signed paperwork and paid my entrance payment! I will officially be beginning school in less than a month! I am as excited as I am terrified. It's what I've wanted to do since I was eleven and even had wanted to do it in high school, but I finally have the opportunity and I'm ecstatic! Working for Toni&Guy has made me fall in love with not only the company, but with hairdressing even more. I feel like this will fit me perfectly and I will able to finish school before the end of next year! I'm proud of myself as well is my family. I've always told them, "I'll make it on my own, just wait and see." I finally am going to school, have my own apartment, have my license, have my car, am independent, am confident and am working two jobs. All of a sudden, I'm grown up and I've done it all my own way and on my own terms. As I was driving home from the Academy yesterday, my mom's song played on the radio... I really needed to hear it and know that she's still with me. I owe all of this to her... she's been my biggest inspiration through everything. Next year is going to be intense... but I am SO ready for it to finally be here!!

I'm content where my life is and where it's headed. I know that I've been happy with everything for a while, but it's nice to be reminded that everything happens for a purpose... and there is some kind of sense in this world. Big things next year, I can feel it!

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