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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Brayden Kyle Smith!

I remember leaving work after closing and heading off with Melissa to rush to the hospital in Frisco. We got steak n shake on the way, and then went in to see Krista. They weren't sure when Brayden would be born, so we stayed all night and slept in the hospital waiting room. We woke up the next morning to Brittanie, Ben and our grandparents there first thing in the morning. My mom was in the hospital, and had been for a while, and my dad was with her. I know Krista had a hard time not having mommy or our dad there when he was born. She got to see pictures of him from that early morning that I sent my dad. I wasn't there when my favorite person, Britty, was born, so it was so surreal being there for Brayden. It was scary holding him for the first time, and it's weird now knowing his little face and being able to see him walk now. He's grown so much in this short year. This past full year has seemed like it's dragged on forever. I'm fortunate for my family. I'm glad that we're close and are able to rely on each other. I love my family so much, even if I don't say so that often.

from this little baby.... to this little man

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