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Friday, August 31, 2012

learning to walk before I run...

I move into my first one bedroom apartment tomorrow morning. I'm more excited about this apartment, than my last two apartments. Obviously, it'll be my first apartment that's all mine... but I feel like I've finally done it right. I have a license, car and two jobs. I'm at a point in my life where I'm not running away from something or trying to run before I can walk. I'm making a decision while I'm financially stable. I'm able to perfectly decorate this apartment exactly the way I've always envisioned. I'm going to be about a minute away from the Toni&Guy Academy and it just feels like I'm so much more level headed about this decision. This is a new beginning, this is the new chapter of my life... this is the beginning of adulthood for me.  I'll be focused completely on working, beginning school, losing weight, loving myself and evolving into the person I want to be! 

Additionally, I've decided to start two new projects... one with my best friend (and anyone else that wants to join us!) and one that'll continue to evolve for about 10 years. I'll probably be writing about these a lot more soon, but for now I want to focus on this blog and making it something worth reading! I'm going to start carrying around my DSLR everywhere and capturing my new "adult life!" I can't wait to begin this journey and to be able to document it!

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