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Sunday, February 19, 2012

The "L" Word.

It happens when you least expect it. It happens when you're not looking for it. It happens when you're not emotionally ready. You're not looking for the attachment, but they crept into your heart and you fell head over heels. They become everything to you. Their happiness becomes more important than your own. You see their smile and it melts your heart. Jealousy boils. Fingers interlock. Butterflies roam free. You can't wait to go to sleep everyday so that you can wake up in their arms. You love everything about them. You start accepting and appreciating every flaw. Memories are made. Futures are fondly looked toward. Deep conversations happen. Secrets are shared. Families and friends are met. Flowers are received. The most important piece of your life is between your arms. Nothing but true love.

A turn for the worse... Arguments occur. Remarks are exchanged. Misunderstandings happen. Second guessing yourself. Egos are bruised. Insecurities come out. Feelings of betrayal. Hearts break in unison. Tears are shed. Pleads for forgiveness. Lonely and sleepless nights. Using anything to escape the pain. Keeping busy to try and forget. Everything reminds you of the person you're trying so hard not to remember. Nothing feels right. Anxiety and over thinking late at night. "I miss you" texts. Feeling worthless and pathetic. Knowing that you should be stronger.

I don't know what comes next. I'm not so sure that a second chance will be granted. I don't know if the two hearts will ever be reunited. Will she ever be able to recover? Will anything make sense again? I guess only time will tell....

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