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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

the beginning of the end.

I have three months before my lease is up... with everything that's been going on with roommates... I've decided that I will be moving into my OWN apartment come September. I will also be beginning Cosmetology school at that time as well. I still haven't found a job that fits me in Dallas, but I have my fingers crossed for a specific couple. I've had ideas of running off to Austin, Santa Fe or even Colorado... but I haven't felt like I have conquered Dallas yet. I don't want to leave with unfinished business and I'm not ready to leave my family just yet. I finally get to babysit a boy, Mr. Bryaden tomorrow and I'm really excited! I've only ever looked after girls, and since I want only boys, I think it'll be a good learning experience. I've been really stressed out lately, it kind of seems like everything that can go wrong does go wrong. I'm also not in the best of spirits because mother's day is coming up on sunday and I'm reminded of it constantly. We'll be spending the day as a family, but I know I'm going to not be very friendly that day. A whole year is approaching... and I don't want to even THINK or FEEL that day.

Everything will be okay, somehow, it always is.

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