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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

the dreams are all in place...

I moved into my first real apartment in September of 2011. I went against the wishes of both of my sisters and finally moved away from home. I moved two months after my mom passed away, so really, I was just trying to escape her memory at home. During he first two months of living at my apartment, I worked in Sherman and was rarely there. I then quit my job and began passively looking for a job while depression and the reality of my mom's death began setting in. I also started seeing a boy during the first few weeks in the apartment. We soon both called that apartment home... and now those walls do nothing but scream of a past love. I've had my fair share of struggles with roommates and had to kick out two sets. I worked so hard to keep my apartment. I've learned so much about responsibility, expenses, budgeting, relationships, friendships, heartbreak, roommates and more importantly, myself with those walls. I've also learned that I need to be able to solely rely on myself and no one else. That's probably the most important lesson that I've learned from that apartment...

I've evolved so much within the short year inside those walls. I grew up and changed into who I've always wanted to become. I now have two jobs that I love, my driver's license, blonde hair, my own apartment, half of a sleeve and I will be starting school come October. That apartment was everything... and now that I'm leaving it, I just feel as if I'm leaving behind all of my childhood and adolescence with it. I'm an adult now... it's about time that I own it! This new apartment will bring along so much more growth, responsibility and change. I've decided that this new apartment will be everything that I've been dreaming about and will also come with it the person I've wanted to be and the life I want for myself. I've already started buying all the decorations that I had wanted with the first one... this apartment will be done right, it will be my dream apartment. I'm ready to see what's in store for me this next year!

I'm sorry this is my first post in a while... I've been awfully busy. I work 60 hours this week alone! My life is nothing but hectic and chaos now... and I wouldn't change it for anything! I'm working hard to make sure that all of my dreams continue to come true!

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Adri said...

Proud of you! I was always kind of a grown up through my youth and now I am embracing being 20 and really being grown. Best wishes on the apartment!


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