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Saturday, November 17, 2012

life is pretty wonderful when you allow yourself to be open to it...

I guess that's something that I've had trouble with... I guess saying that I'm a little impatient would be an understatement. I'm finally at a place in my life where I love everything that's in it. I have a job, not only that I love, but that I'll be able to grow with and have a CAREER I love. As always, I love my family and I'm very excited to announce that my sister Melissa is pregnant... with another girl! We just found out the sex on her 27th birthday last wednesday. I found out a little earlier than everyone else because I just asked Brittanie! She also told me that her new sister would be named "Auby" which in Britty language means "Aubrey!" I got to see my best friend Micah for the past couple of days, and before then it had been WAY TOO LONG. I have two of the best friends anyone could ever ask for. I feel so much like myself with him, they allow me to be myself... which is what best friends are supposed to do. I'm also excited that music has become apart of my life again, which is refreshing and exactly what I've been needing. I've gone to four shows this month, which is something that I haven't done since I was in high school... I'm in love with my apartment. I love living by myself, I think this is what I should have done a year ago! I'm also back to being in love with myself... which is always something that I struggle with. The only thing that's not perfect in my life is the romance department, but let's be honest... when is that ever going right? I'm content and in love with my life right now. Nothing is perfect, but I'm making the most out of it! My goals in life are to be happy, travel the world, to be in love with my career(s), to marry my equal/best friend and have my own family... and I feel myself concentrating on those that I can work on right now. I can't believe that it's almost the new year...and I feel huge things coming next year!

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